Accepted Demos and Posters

The list of accepted demos and posters (in order of submission):
  • Simon Franz, Thomas Hornung, Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Alexander Schätzle and Georg Lausen. On Weighted Hybrid Track Recommendations (DEMO)
  • Alexandru Oprea, Thomas Hornung, Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, Holger Eggs and Georg Lausen. A Hybrid B2B App Recommender System (POSTER)
  • Matthias Heinrich, Franz Josef Grüneberger, Thomas Springer, Philipp Hauer and Martin Gaedke. GAwI: A Comprehensive Workspace Awareness Library for Collaborative Web Applications (DEMO)
  • Matteo Picozzi, Maristella Matera, Michele Pini and Marco Tonazzo. PEUDOM: a Mashup Platform for the End User Development of Common Information Spaces (DEMO) - VIDEO
  • Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Christian Fischer, Martin Gaedke and Stefan Pietschmann. Inter-Widget Communication by Demonstration in User Interface Mashups (DEMO)
  • Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis and Michele Melchiori. A Linked Data Perspective for Effective Exploration of Web APIs Repositories (POSTER)
  • Stefan Wild, Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Sebastian Heil and Martin Gaedke. Customized Views on Profiles in WebID-based Distributed Social Networks (DEMO)

In addition to standard submission, we also invited the authors of the following papers from the main research track to present their work during the demonstration session: 

  • Stefania Leone, Alexandre De Spindler, Moira Norrie and Dennis McLeod. Integrating Component-based Web Engineering into Content Management Systems
  • José Matías Rivero, Sebastian Heil, Julián Grigera, Martin Gaedke and Gustavo Rossi. MockAPI: An Agile Approach Supporting API-first Web Application Development
  • Dejan Kovachev, Dominik Renzel, Petru Nicolaescu and Ralf Klamma. DireWolf - Distributing and Migrating User Interfaces for Widget-based Web Applications
  • Carsten Radeck, Gregor Blichmann and Klaus Meißner. CapView - Functionality-aware Visual Mashup Development for Non-Programmers
  • Juan José Jara Laconich, Fabio Casati and Maurizio Marchese. Social Spreadsheet - VIDEO
  • Oscar Diaz, Itziar Otaduy and Gorka Puente. User-Driven Automation of Web Form Filling
  • Patrick Gaubatz, Waldemar Hummer, Uwe Zdun and Mark Strembeck. Supporting Customized Views for Access Control Constraints in Real-time Collaborative Web Applications
  • Asil Almonaies, Manar Alalfi, James R. Cordy and Thomas R. Dean. A Framework For Migrating Web Applications To Web Service

Here are the slides from the one minute madness session of the conference. 


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