Accepted Workshops

  1. The 4th International Workshop on Quality in Web Engineering (QWE 2013), organized by Cinzia Cappiello, Adrian Fernandez, and Luis Olsina
  2. The 5th International Workshop on Lightweight Composition on the Web (ComposableWeb 2013), organized by Sven Casteleyn, Cesare Pautasso, and Geert-Jan Houben
  3. The 9th Model-Driven and Agile Engineering for the Web Workshop (MDWE 2013), organized by Santiago Meliá and Manuel Wimmer
  4. The 2nd Workshop on Data Management in the Social Semantic Web (DMSSW 2013), organized by Roberto De Virgilio, Andrea Pugliese, and Devis Bianchini
  5. The International Workshop on Cloud and Service Engineering (CSE 2013), organized by Talal Noor, Lina Yao, and Xiaoqiang Qiao
  6. Workshop on Engineering Mobile Web Applications (EMotions), organized by Marco Winckler and Sven Casteleyn
  7. Workshop on Semantic Social Networks (SSN 2013), organized by Lylia Abrouk and David Gross-Amblard


Social networks


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