Accepted Full Papers

While waiting for the final program, here the list of accepted full papers (in order of submission):

  • Javier Luis Canovas Izquierdo and Jordi Cabot. Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data
  • Zahra Behfarshad and Ali Mesbah. Hidden-Web Induced by Client-Side Scripting: An Empirical Study (shortlisted for best paper award) 
  • Luiz André P. Paes Leme, Giseli Rabello Lopes, Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Marco Antonio Casanova and Stefan Dietze. Identifying candidate datasets for data interlinking
  • Matthias Keller and Hannes Hartenstein. Mining Taxonomies from Web Menus: Rule-Based Concepts and Algorithms
  • Besnik Fetahu, Bernardo Pereira Nunes and Stefan Dietze. Summaries on the fly: Query-based extraction of Structured Knowledge from Web Documents
  • Roberto De Virgilio, Antonio Maccioni and Paolo Cappellari. A Linear and Monotonic Strategy to Keyword Search over RDF Data
  • Suryakant Choudhary, Mustafa Emre Dincturk, Seyed Mirtaheri, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Gregor Bochmann and Iosif Viorel Onut. Building Rich Internet Applications Models: Example of a Better Strategy
  • Martin Leginus, Peter Dolog and Ricardo Lage. Tag cloud generation for results of multiple keywords queries
  • Asil Almonaies, Manar Alalfi, James R. Cordy and Thomas R. Dean. A Framework for Migrating Web Applications to Web Services
  • Muhammad Faheem and Pierre Senellart. Intelligent and Adaptive Crawling of Web Applications for Web Archiving 
  • Markus Ast, Stefan Wild and Martin Gaedke. The SWAC Approach for Sharing a Web Application’s Codebase between Server and Client 
  • José Matías Rivero, Sebastian Heil, Julián Grigera, Martin Gaedke and Gustavo Rossi. MockAPI: An Agile Approach Supporting API-first Web Application Development
  • Dejan Kovachev, Dominik Renzel, Petru Nicolaescu and Ralf Klamma. DireWolf - Distributing and Migrating User Interfaces for Widget-based Web Applications (shortlisted for best paper award) 
  • Oscar Diaz, Itziar Otaduy and Gorka Puente. User-Driven Automation of Web Form Filling
  • Stefania Leone, Alexandre De Spindler, Moira Norrie and Dennis McLeod. Integrating Component-based Web Engineering into Content Management Systems (shortlisted for best paper award)
  • Juan José Jara Laconich, Fabio Casati and Maurizio Marchese. Social Spreadsheet
  • Patrick Gaubatz, Waldemar Hummer, Uwe Zdun and Mark Strembeck. Supporting Customized Views for Access Control Constraints in Real-time Collaborative Web Applications
  • Josip Maras, Maja Štula and Jan Carlson. Generating Feature Usage Scenarios in Client-side Web Applications
  • Carsten Radeck, Gregor Blichmann and Klaus Meißner. CapView - Functionality-aware Visual Mashup Development for Non-Programmers
  • Tangjian Deng, Liang Zhao and Ling Feng. Enhancing Web Revisitation by Contextual Keywords 
  • Vagner Nascimento and Daniel Schwabe. Semantic Data Driven Interfaces for Web Applications


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